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Open Your Home

Gardens are increasingly becoming multi-functional spaces that add to people’s living experience. Within these projects, whether you are dealing with sculptures, water features, dining terraces or paths, each element needs to be carefully considered and given its own lighting treatment in order to create a truly complimentary setting.

We offer everything from decking and pathway lights, to wall lights, bollards, post lights and porch lights, with a versatile range and endless lighting options for around the garden. With an extensive range of lighting choices and so many different styles of gardens, knowing where to start can be a little confusing. So we’ve listed some ideas and tips to help you make the most of your garden lighting,


This effect is created when a light source is placed in front of an object, causing a shadow to be cast onto the surface behind the object. By fitting spot lights directly in front of tall bushes, plants or trees, you’ll produce shadows which are projected on the walls of a home, creating a dramatic yet inviting look to the house’s façade.

sillhouetting photo 2.jpg

Deck lighting

Illuminate steps to provide a safe entryway to the deck. You can also install lighting around the edge of your space to decorate the area.




This technique is used to dramatise an interestingly shaped object, by placing a spot light between the object, i.e. a plant or tree and the house. The spot light is pointed towards the wall, creating an illuminated backdrop producing a dramatic silhouette of the tree/plant.

shadowing 4 3.jpg

Wall Lights

Give your home the appreciation it deserves by illuminating your outdoor wall space, making it welcoming to family and friends.


wall lighting 1.jpg

Wall Washing

This is the term that is used when a wall or surface is illuminated with light. By placing flood lights or spike lights at the bottom of an outer wall and facing them up you can wash the light up the wall.

wall washing 1.jpg

Path lighting

Path and area lighting is used to guide the walker along the path safely; this can also enhance elements such as detailed stone paving, flower beds and boarders.


path lights 3.jpg